Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust you?

It's a frequently asked question and one that is at the forefront of most people minds if they have not used a pet sitter before or any other kind of pet sitting service. I can assure you that I am checked (CRB) so that you can rest assured I have no past criminal records. I am fully insured with one of the best specialist animal trade industry insurers. I have excellent references and pride myself on being organised, competent, trustworthy, discreet, reliable and able to get on with anyone all available on request.
• Why Pet Sitter as a business?

I wanted to help other people out in a similar situation to myself it was always is a nightmare when it is time to go on holiday or even attending a social event. Friends cannot always be around to help you and what if they foget, I wanted to find a pet sitter who I can build a long and close relationship with, whom I can trust with my keys, with my home, and most importantly, with my Pets!

What happens when I contact you?

If I am free on the dates you are asking about and you are happy with The Homeloved petsitting service prices and our initial phone/email chat then I will arrange to meet you to complete the booking. We go through a checklist regarding your pet, discuss every aspect until we are both happy that everything has been covered and sign the paperwork for your booking. You are required to sign a contract, policy and pet care information sheet. And payment is then required. You can either hand me over a copy of your keys at this stage or I collect a day before you go away. Please be aware there is a charge for a special trip to collect the keys. The day you hand me your keys we will go through any alarm systems you may have along with detailed instructions. I will also try your keys whilst you are there to make sure they work! All information you give me is strictly confidential and will be treated with the utmost discreatly and security like your keys!

• What happens to my keys?

All keys are kept in a secure locked place with a reference number on. Your address is not attached to the keys! My insurance covers me for key loss, however, that has never happened! Please note I never leave the keys in your house on my last day in case of an unexpected delay in your return.

How long is a visit and what normally happens?

On each visit I clean all food and water bowls and fill up again, clean all litter trays if applicable, any other pet mess, give your pet loads of fuss and cuddles, including grooming if requested, go around and water any plants if you wish me to, pick up any mail, and generally stay around to give your pet some much needed company. I am more than happy to make my daily visit double the time but please be aware my fee will reflect this, actual time per visit is at your request 
What if my pet needs medication?

I am used to giving animals medication so this is not a problem.

What if my pet becomes ill while I'm away, how will that be handled?

I get information from you in advance on how to handle such emergencies. You will be asked to complete a form detailing the name of your vet, how much money you authorize to be spent on your pet's behalf, and contact names of people who may help with decision making should you not be reachable. This is highly unlikely to happen but is always good to be prepared for in advance. Please leave out any pet carriers so that I have it to hand.

What happens if you can't make it?

I only take on jobs where I am available.

Why do you not employ other sitters?

I do hire due to the high demand and success of the service i provide and i only hire personaly selected dog walkers with dog handling experiance and animal carers-they are also fully insured under with business liability insurance and also CRB checked. I want to be able to provide exceptional service hear at  Home loved pet sitting and if i am unable to care personally i will be able to match your pet to one of my dedicated team.who you will also be able to meet and build a close relationship with.Plus your pets would be far better cared for by the same person who knows their individual needs, therefore if i am unable to walk your Pet personaly i will discuss this with you so you are able to meet with the choosen walker based on your pets needs,This business was never about making as much money as possible but about my personal enjoyment of pets and the kind of service I would want if I were looking for a sitter. I believe in building strong bonds with my clients and their animals

What if my return date is extended or my flights delayed?

I will make sure you are covered. Any additional dates will be added including fees for bank holiday should your delay fall on these days.

What do I do regarding food?

Please ensure you have left adequate food for the length of time you are away. Of course, if you run short, I am more than happy to pop to the shops and will add any costs from this to your balance.

Do you work over the Xmas period?

Yes. I am happy to provide you with a service over Xmas, I charge 2 x the standard rates for Xmas & Boxing day and New Year.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be received no later than 72 hours prior to the first scheduled date. During busy holiday periods any cancellation made within two weeks of first scheduled date is liable to the full fee.

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