What is a pet sitter


It’s common sense that pets fair better in their own homes and enviroment because when they are removed from their normal environment it disrupts their everyday routines.

Not only can they find the traveling stressful, getting used to unfamiliar surroundings can be quite traumatic.

In some cases pets may be old or unwell and can not be moved for various reasons. Pet sitters can tend to these animals in their own homes where they feel more at ease and are used to all the sights, sounds and smells.

I offer the complete service here at Home loved petsitting

We are the pick of the litter

Pet sitting is useful for:

  • Holidays
  • If you work long hours / stuck in work,on a business trip
  • Attending a social event
  • If you have to go into Hospital for some reason
  • Or for the elderly

    Why choose Home Loved pet Sitting?

Dogs that are put into kennels have to tolerate an environment that is totally alien to them. Kennels are often loud and the continuous barking causes high stress levels

  • Cats in catteries remain locked up in small cages
  • All are exposed to illness/disease (fleas, worms)
  • Small cramped cages and only short periods of outside time (if any).
  • Limited one to one attention and different members of staff

But there is a real alternative!

Home loved Pet sitting is extremely versatile as it can be tailored to suit your pet’s individual needs

We all understand that animals can be very territorial and enjoy their own surroundings.Familiar sights and smells are very comforting to them

Animals that may be too old to travel to kennels, have special dietary needs and or need medication administered, are better suited to a pet sitting program

Individual one to one attention is the only service HOME LOVED PETSITTING offers.

Animals can remain in the routine they are already familiar with

The security aspect of not having an empty home is invaluable.

I am registered with NARP , fully insured, have Security Clearance and can provide references

When your away you can call me at anytime to check on your pet

The service also includes watering plants, putting out bins, closing/opening curtains and switching on/off lights to give the house a general “lived in” look to deter burglars.

Safety and security are always a priority and all house keys are kept in a wall mounted locked safe and are number coded for security purposes




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